This event will be hosted on the campus of Northeastern University. There are several convenient ways to get to campus.



Northeastern is served by many convenient transit stops, such as Ruggles Station (via the Orange Line and Commuter Rail) and the Northeastern t-stop (via the Green Line) which serve the heart of campus.


Both stations are a short 5 minute walk to the venue.



Visitors to the University are expected to park in the Renaissance Park Garage or the Gainsborough Garage. Parking at the garages is on a first-come/first-served basis. These garages can fill or limit NU parking access as needed.


Renaissance and Gainsborough Garage Rates


Due to the size of campus, if you do intend on driving, we recommend utilizing google maps or GPS to direct you to your destination.

Renaissance Park Garage

835 Columbus Ave. Boston MA 02120


Gainsborough Garage

10 Gainsborough St. Boston MA 02115

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